MS planning NFC support for next-gen Windows Phone hardware


Microsoft is planning to support near field communication (NFC) technologies in its next-generation Windows Phone hardware, according to reports.

The software giant is currently readying its latest hardware specifications and intends to unveil its NFC plans at the upcoming MIX11 developer conference next month. Bloomberg news agency reports that the company plans to use NFC as part of a mobile payment system. The first handsets will be available later this year, based on the Windows Phone 7.x “Mango” update.

Google is also believed to be readying an Android NFC payment system alongside MasterCard and Citigroup. The company originally introduced NFC hardware in its Nexus S device, introduced late last year. Microsoft’s plans will allow users to simply bump their device against a compatible cash register in retail stores. The company currently holds 14 NFC related patents, according to the U.S. Patent Office.

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