Nokia releases beta of City Lens app for Lumia phones


If you believe the hype, the "augmented reality" app craze is all the rage. Today, Nokia announced that it is offering such an app for users of its Lumia 710, Lumia 800 and Lumia 900 smartphones. It's a beta version of City Lens and it lets its users "see" via the smartphone's camera the names of businesses and other locations.

For example, City Lens lets Lumia users see where a restaurant is via the camera view. It performs the same function for hotels, shops and other locations. It can even point out local important landmarks along with public transport stations.

Users can see quick reviews of restaurants, shops and hotels in the app and tap on the screen to get more detailed information. The app also allows the user to directly call the location or to bring up a map to navigate to that same location.
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