Nominet proposes .uk domain, asks you to join them


Nominet, a leading registry company in the UK, is proposing the adoption of a brand new domain : .uk . It would definitely save half a second for everyone typing UK web addresses, but it would also ad some extra security and incur extra charges for companies having to buy new domains. The firm is lobbying ICANN, just in time for their TLD expansion that will add domains like .home .shop and .play.

Nominet has promised tough requirements for access to the new domain including proof of operations in the United Kingdom. There's also the question of price, the new domain costing about 4 times as much as the regular , with that money going into security features: daily malware scanning and the rest heading to a trust to improve web security.

If you're interested you can voice you're opinion on Nominet's site where they are holding public consultations until January 7th of next year.

Source: Nominet via: Engadget, BBC

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