Performance Analysis: Star Wars: Battlefront beta on Xbox One



UPDATE 10/10/15 11:37am: Rounding off our console coverage of the Star Wars: Battlefront beta, we thought we'd take a look at the survival mode two-player split-screen on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. In this mode, DICE drops frame-rate to 30fps, with pretty decent results. The action is still plenty of fun, although we did notice that fluidity is compromised owing to some frame-pacing issues. We noticed something similar in Need for Speed: Rivals a couple of years back and it was fixed via a patch, so fingers crossed DICE can do the same here. One thing we can confirm after further testing is that both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions do run the split-screen component at full 1080p, with DICE effectively trading frame-rate for resolution - so a 1920x540 resolution per player window is confirmed.

Original Story: The Star Wars Battlefront beta kicked off yesterday, giving us our first opportunity to go hands-on with the Xbox One version of this hugely anticipated game. But going in, our concern was this: the PS4 beta renders at 900p - just as Battlefield 4 did two years ago - and we suspected that history might repeat itself on Xbox One as well, with a sub-optimal 720p presentation. We had harboured hopes that two years of familiarising itself with the Microsoft hardware would result in a higher base rendering resolution, or that we may see a dynamic resolution as seen in the likes of Halo 5: Guardians.

It hasn't happened. Battlefront on Xbox One is fixed at 720p, meaning that it runs at 64 per cent of the PS4's overall pixel count. From an image quality perspective, the compromises are just as you'd expect; we see more aliased edges, and a higher level of shimmering on fine distant detail - particularly on Tatooine's flag-lines. Added to that, there's a softening to the picture as a whole - a result of a more drastic upscale, combined with a similar grade of post-process anti-aliasing to PS4.

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