Report: Apple adjusted top apps ranking criteria


Reports surfaced earlier today claim that Apple has changed its ranking algorithms for the App Store, shifting how applications make it to the top of the heap where they are more likely to pick up sales due to the extra visibility.

The change, which was picked up on by third-party analytics providers like Flurry last week and passed on to blog Inside Mobile Apps, is said to add other factors to an application's placement in the top sections of the App Store, besides raw download numbers alone.

Citing several applications that made dramatic jumps without a major update--including Facebook, Netflix, and Pandora--the report suggests Apple is now weighing how often applications are used (once downloaded) by daily and monthly users to better signify their ranking. Rival Google, the makers of the Android OS, and purveyors of the Android Market reportedly began the same practice earlier this month based on similar third-party findings.


Graphic Designer
Hmm. I don't know about this. I am ready to see the same applications on the 'Top List' for a long time. Facebook app is used widely and a lot by other people. Meanwhile we have games that became very popular like Angry Birds. So I expect these apps to be shown on the top of the list quite often.

On a side note. How will they manage to see our usage of such apps? Through internet? Cause come to think of it I don't like my iPod Touch(or any iDevice for that matter) to be accessed without me knowing what exactly is being taken from there.

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