Revolutionary New Service Offers Budding Webmasters Music


A new service has been launched that is aimed at promoting social interaction through music discovery.

The site ( offers anyone wanting their own legal music sharing website to have one quickly, easily, and for FREE!

With affiliations with websites like Amazone and Itunes, the providers say that they feel set to go from strength to strength.

During our infancy as a simple music file meta search engine, we have discovered the nature of viral sharing through sites like facebook and twitter.

To date we have no less than 4000 downloads of our software alone from our download center. Not including the many download mirrors that exist and appear each day. 

This overwhelming interest of our software has given us an exiting outlook for the future and also a new set of responsibilities towards the music artists and the labels that support them.

We have already integrated download options using affiliate sites like amazon and now iTunes.

The website goes on to define certain of its goals and aspirations:

–To promote legal social sharing of music. –To partner with existing innovative music providers who are making contributions to new industry standard.
–Improve our music delivery using established API providers for content.
–To encourage webmasters to take a new view of becoming a part of a new idea of monetizing there websites through add revenue and affilate downloads.
What are your thoughts on this?



Re: Revolutionary New Service Offers Budding Webmasters Musi

Sounds like an interesting idea, not something I would think of doing though.

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