Sharp showcases concept smartphone with gorgeous rounded, bezel-less display


Sharp at the CEATECH 2016 trade show in Japan this week unveiled an intriguing smartphone it’s calling the Corner R. The handset’s internal hardware specs are irrelevant – it’s the display that has the Internet talking today.

The Corner R features a 5.2-inch full HD IGZO LCD that utilizes Free-Form Display technology meaning it can be cut into various shapes. Besides the fact that it’s nearly bezel-less, what really makes the display pop is its truly rounded corners and button-free design (the buttons on the bottom are virtual).


I suspect a device with a display like this would have people lining up in droves but there are a few issues with it. For starters, it’s just a concept at this point.

As best I can tell from the images courtesy of The Verge, there doesn’t appear to be a cutout for an earpiece speaker. That’s kind of important for a phone although there are ways to get around this, like using a digital wave receiver, for example. But perhaps the bigger issue I see with a nearly bezel-less design is usability.

Source & more: Sharp showcases concept smartphone with gorgeous rounded, bezel-less display


There seems to be a lot of these "concept" phones that never make it to market. Much like the hype around the flexible screens. I'm yet to see them become popular.

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