Siri loses some sex appeal, literally


Siri has been a big selling point for Apple's iPhone 4S. When it was demonstrated for the first time, Siri became an electronic sensation. Voice commands became the big reason for the iPhone 4S sales rocketing, instead of the internal changes allowing for improved performance. Siri could be used for a great deal of different things, and it wasn't long before it began to be used for comedic effect. With Siri you could have your iPhone call you "Sugar Daddy", or any other title you wanted. You could even set Siri up to insult people if it was being used in a retail display unit, as some pranksters did. This won't last forever though.

Thanks to a tip from Neowin reader Ari David, it seems that Apple is removing that feature. Any attempts to get Siri to respond in a sexual manner will be given a negative response now as the voice assistant will not reply with a sexual or derogatory statement. This even applies to the aforementioned "Sugar Daddy". When prompted, Siri will refer to you as "Sugar", but not as "Sugar Daddy", for Apple has updated it to recognize the definition of a sugar daddy. Obviously, this makes the iPhone's voice assistant more suitable for kids to use. Previously, it was open to abuse from others who may have changed settings to allow other, not so friendly names, to be used.

This is not the first time Apple has updated Siri quietly. Previously, Siri would tell users that the Lumia 900 was the best smartphone. Apple disagreed, and changed Siri's response to reply that the iPhone 4S was the best smartphone. Even after Apple's silent change, Siri still secretly wanted you to be using a Lumia 900.

Source: TechIT (translated from Hebrew)


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That's intersting. I don't see a huge issue with Siri's "sexual" responses unless it was done in a store/public use.
Other wise, whatever floats your should be able to set it like that.
I found it amusing when I first heard about the best smart phone thing. Apple did change that?


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I don't really see a point in having it removed anyway. It's not like kids mostly have iphones anyway. Kids hear explicit stuff everyday whether its on tv or outside with friends.


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Apples: Enemies of Comedy since 2012!

In all seriousness though, they probably should simply have an age input in the device and leave it at that. It's just too dang funny to remove.


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That reminds me of the episode of the "Big bang theory" where Raj falls in love with Siri and starts getting too attached to her. Like most of you I don't really see the harm in the old responses, most people can take them at face value. They are meant to be funny. Anyone who is actually attracted to Siri in that regard is a little twisted in the head in my opinion. I don't have an iPhone as I have an android phone but is there a male voice option? I'm sure some females would find that entertaining.


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I have an iPhone 4S and honestly do not mind the insults. It is true that Siri is a feature that stands out, but I barely use it. Honestly it is much easier and faster to just write something in my notes manually rather than telling Siri to do it for me. Removing the sexual appeal that Siri had would definitely make this seem close to worthless, and just an eye opener for the capabilities for the phone.


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That is most unfortunate that Apple is willing to take away one of the most fun parts of having the iPhone. I feel like having a setting, a sort of child safety lock or censor feature would be fine to put in. However, removing the ability for Siri to respond how you want is not the answer. Hell, if I am going to pay as much as all those people do for an iPhone, I want it to say whatever the *bleep, bleepy, bleepidty, bleep* I want. I think that makes sense.

I also feel like most people have a much more responsible nature and likely do it for kicks and giggles at frat parties and late night adult functions in college. Places that more than likely there will not be young children roaming around to hear.

I know all my friends that have an iPhone get quite the kick out of the way Siri responds to them and finds it hilarious to change it up to random strange often inappropriate names to call themselves. It's also fun when they get a hold of their best friend or significant other's phone and changes Siri's response.

Perhaps maybe a lot of concern is that children just old enough to operate the phone and play some good pranks may have less regard and program something they shouldn't. I can see how that could go bad for someone, however putting a lock setting for changing anything Siri could say regularly would be a much better solution. Not to mention shouldn't be difficult.

I can understand why Apple would change the "best smart phone" answer, what can you do. I don't know how I feel about Siri reporting facts she doesn't agree with, but meh.


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And will they also fix the answer to "Siri, what's the best phone?" together with this? Kind of a failure that an Apple product doesn't mention another Apple product as "the best"... Siri is just too objective for the Apple geniuses.