Site Updates


We have made a number of small changes to the site recently, hopefully for the better.

  • [*:1opamy9q]New rank images thanks Silent
    [*:1opamy9q]New rank overview page that explains the posting ranks which is here
    [*:1opamy9q]New group's overview page that explains the different user groups we have which is here
    [*:1opamy9q]Collapsible categories. On the main forum index you should see a - symbol, clicking this will collapse that category. The info is stored in a cookie so will be remembered for your next visit.
    [*:1opamy9q]More coming soon!!
If you find any problems with any of the above please let me know.


Graphic Designer
Happy to have contributed to this site. Overall great additions, like always, good job Creaky. :)

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