Steam Summer Sale


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So, the Steam summer sale has been going on for a few days now! I thought we could use a thread to talk about all of the great deals flying around.

I've bought Legend of Grimrock and Anno 2070 so far, two games that I've really wanted to play. Glad I waited and managed to catch them during the sale! Have you guys snagged any great deals during the sale?

And while we're talking about it, what do you think of the new Flash Deals they're doing? I haven't seen much I've wanted in there, but it seems like a really smart business tactic on their part. It definitely has me checking back more often than I normally would, waiting to see what else comes up on the Flash deals.


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Personally, I don't play on the PC, but I've been reading about the sale and as usual, people are happily going broke with it. That's cool that there is something to look forward to in the relatively slow gaming months.