The most innovative toothbrush you'll ever own


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Do you prefer a classic or electric toothbrush when scrubbing your chompers? There are all sorts of toothbrushes available, but no matter how fancy your brush is, we bet it doesn’t have a fountain built in. That extra step of sticking your mouth in the faucet stream to suck up some water to rinse with is made easier with this handy brush.

A canal in the brush’s handle is like sticking a spoon in a powerful stream. It’s called the “Power Fountain.” The water shoots up like water from a drinking fountain. Simple, right?

The Rinser by a company called Amron retails for $22 (that includes the pre-order and discount going on now). And you won’t have to replace it too often — replaceable brush heads let you hang on to the handle for as long as possible. Each brush comes with one replacement head.
Watch the video here:

Would you buy it?


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I like that idea a lot. I have never been into the toothbrushes that require batteries and always stick to the classic. I find that $22 isn't bad but I'm sure that other companies will follow suit and the price will go down.


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The idea's good but I wouldn't use it in all honesty. I do stick to the classics though.
$22 is kind of expensive for me for a toothbrush granted I'm sure it will dropin price at some point.


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I've seen this a few times now and still think it's rather silly, heh. I think kids would have a blast with it, but they'd also likely make a huge mess. And adults? I mean, if you really want to rinse your mouth out as part of your teeth brushing routine, what person wouldn't already keep a small cup in the room anyway?

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