Toshiba's 55-inch glasses-free 3D TV launches in the UK


Toshiba has today started sales of what is claimed to be the world's first glasses-free 3D television set in London.

The 55-inch 55ZL2 model, which is available now to order in the UK for the first time, uses a different type of technology to create 3D pictures.

Instead of viewers needing special glasses, the set displays 3D images for multiple viewing positions simultaneously.

An integrated camera features face-tracking technology, which monitors the viewers' position and directs the different images for their left and right eyes in real time.

The result is that the images shown have a small offset, or parallax; thus creating the illusion of three-dimensional depth when watching 3D television programmes or DVDs.

Alongside glasses-free 3D, the ZL2's 55-inch PRO-LED screen boasts a Quad Full HD (3840 x 2160) resolution, backed up by Toshiba's multi-core CEVO Engine processing platform.

Toshiba's Resolution+ system upscales content such as HD broadcasts and Blu-ray movies to image quality "beyond Full HD 1080p resolution", while 2D content can also be up-converted to 3D.

An integrated Freeview HD gives users access to all the digital terrestrial television channels and networks, while the Toshiba Places content portal offers a variety of on-demand services, such as LIVESPORT.TV, YouTube, BBC iPlayer, Acetrax Movies, Facebook and Twitter.

Users can record programmes onto the flash USB drive or external HDD, while the set also has integrated WiFi, DLNA and Windows 7 compatibility for wirelessly streaming content from external devices directly to the 55-inch display.

Toshiba's free remote control app enables users to control their TV viewing with a smartphone or tablet.

The 55ZL2 is available now for in-store demonstrations at John Lewis Oxford Street and Harrods, both in London. Customers can order the set in-store and online, although it is priced at an eye-watering £6,999.


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Its really an awesome thing that people are so much fascinated and are supporting this 3D TV evolution.

Along with that, you have a 4G speed, which is actually a big thing according to me! I come from India, where still, people are in the progress of getting 3G handsets and enjoying it at its full extent.

With the help of people like you, I can at least stay in touch with the current trends in the technology!

Seriously, that is a really nice thing which is invented in your country!
Enjoy it!