Watch: Just Cause 3's rocket mines are our new favourite toy



Of all the gizmos Just Cause 3 adds to the toybox of grapple-happy hero Rico, the new rocket mine is our favourite. When triggered, this sticky explosive gives a few seconds of propulsion before going boom. This produces some bizarre physicsy spectacles, such as a human ragdoll firework, or the world's least reliable flying car.

Witness the rocket mine in action in the new Just Cause 3 gameplay below, in which Mike and Andy attempt to rocket-boost a helicopter into orbit.

Speaking of explosive new footage, catch Deus Ex: Mankind Divided's Adam Jensen firing red-hot detonating blades out of his wrists in the following video. This is one of the new secondary effects achieved by charging weapons; other gameplay novelties include remote hacking and the teleport-like Icarus Dash ability. A rejigged cover system, on the other hand, lets Jensen sneak around with the kind of caution that befits a man who stores explosives in his forearms.

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