Welcome to GadgetBit


Welcome to GadgetBit.com.

We are a small site with the aim of providing news, reviews, how-to's and guides on anything to do with technology and gadgets. We love gadgets and are proud of it. At the moment we are using we are using a custom front page that pulls posts from the forum, eventually we will move to a CMS once it's finished.

As you can see we have a limited amount of adverts on the site, these help to cover hosting & bandwidth costs. If you register and become a member you will only see one advert at the top of the page, a small one time donation will remove the adverts totally.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy.


A small update on the adverts.

The banner advert accross the top of the site has been removed, this will be replaced by something on the portal page only. Once in the forums registered member will only see the ads in the footer, nothing else. For guests you will see the ads in the footer and one after the first post of each topic.

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