What Apple devices do you, or relatives own?


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I personally own only a iPhone 3GS, I have no intention of upgrading or purchasing the 4 or 4s as there's not many advantages to it, compared to the 3GS. My brother owns a Macbook Air and an iPhone 4S, my step-father owns an iPad 2 and an iPhone 4S, which he and my mother shares.

What Apple devices do you, and/or relatives own?


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My brother, and myself, are satisfied with the iPod Touch we have! ;)

My sister, however, wants to buy the iPhone 3GS as her new gadget, so we'll be welcoming another Apple Family Member in our family!


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None. At least none that I know of. My sister might have something, but she's never mentioned. I've never owned an Apple device or computer. There have been times when I thought I wanted one and was really looking into getting a computer or laptop, but I never pulled the trigger. Their stores are always interesting though.


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None! Apple products are not really popular in my country. They're extremely expensive and people prefer to go for Androids or BlackBerries. I only know 2 people who both have the iPhone 3G, but they're not relatives.


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I am an Alien. I have nothing from Apple and never had. Not that I don't want to, since those old coloured MC computers there was 15 years ago, I always have wanted one of their product but never had enough money for that. Hopefully soon I will have a Mac book


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I absolutely refuse to get an iPhone, I draw the line there. I don't tend to like Apple, but for some strange reason I have found myself owning a 1st Gen iPod Touch, 2nd Gen iPod Touch and iPad 2. Prior to all of these I got the one thing of interest was a iPod classic, but a much older model that what has been on shelves, it is the first to have video capability I believe. It's still running so I refuse to replace it, although I do have to manually reset it a lot because it freezes.

But, out of that list there have only been 2 that I have purchased, that first iPod touch and the classic iPod, both were actually Christmas gifts, so I didn't even purchase them technically. (best way to do it I have always thought!)

Like some of you have said here, I also refuse the idea of upgrading. I was lucky that when I got the iPad 2 the company handing it out was willing to wait for the new release so I ended up with one that had camera capability. I was so irritated for everyone when I heard about that. The turn around for having a camera and not was a little suspicious. Especially since an iPod touch with a camera had already been released. Sucked up a lot of money off of people with that first iPad.


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bought iPad 2 32 GB version last year in August month.
Device is running smoothly since that time. I hardly needed to carry laptop with me while travelling because of iPad. there are many more advantages of this tablet.

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