What are you playing?


Modern combat 2 - Ipod touch
Battle Field Bad company 2 - Ipod
Garrys mod - PC

Last but not least, cut the rope and angry birds.


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Creaky said:
I'm on Killzone3 at the moment, better than the previous version.
Yes it is. I was playing it about 2 hours ago. Great game. Though I am pissed off that the dictator is dead from the previous KillZone.


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These days I’m playing GTA San Andreas, True Crime and Halo 2 in my console. Really I like to play these games because these games are very interesting.


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Currently, I'm playing both DCU Online and Starwars The Old Republic. These are not my first MMOs, but I find I like both equally well. I tried Final Fantasy, but I was definitely not impressed. :roll: :blink:

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