White iPhone 4 now available through Apple


The infamous white iPhone 4 is now finally on sale. Almost an entire year after Apple originally announced the iPhone 4, which promised both a white and black model, the company has finally released it.

Due to production problems, the white iPhone 4 was delayed a number of times. One person managed to actually get the defective parts from Apple's manufacturing plant in China, selling them to consumers who couldn't wait. After the parts surfaced online, consumers quickly learned why Apple had delayed the white iPhone 4.

Light from the LED flash on the back of the phone started leaking through the phone, causing issues with pictures. Luckily for Apple, this was caught before the device hit the market.

Ten months later from its original launch in the United States, Apple finally dropped the white iPhone 4 to stores around the world.

You can pick up the white iPhone 4 at your local Apple store or online for the same price as the black.



Graphic Designer
I got an e-mail about this. Don't really see why it took so long for the white iPhone to be in production.

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