Why I hope we never see Master Chief's face



There's a moment during Halo 5's story campaign when developer 343 teases us. Master Chief, grizzled super soldier and veteran of countless battles, prepares to lead yet another crucial mission on yet another mysterious spaceship full of even more dangerous aliens. He sits in the cockpit of his dropship, iconic dark green space marine helmet in his hands, and stares. As he moves to put the helmet on, the camera pans in such a way as to ensure part of the dropship obscures his face. Then the helmet is on, the tease complete. Almost, but no cigar.

343 is having a bit of fun here, suggesting, perhaps, that Halo 5 may, finally, be the game in which Halo fans get to see Master Chief's face.

I hope it isn't. In fact, I hope Microsoft keeps Master Chief's face hidden forever.

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