Windows 8: Further evidence of Online ID sync integration


Further evidence of Microsoft’s Online ID integration in Windows 8 has been revealed this week.

Microsoft is currently building cloud settings sync integration into the next generation of Windows. Earlier this week, details of a control panel item for “Roaming Options” were discovered under User Accounts. Windows8beta has posted further evidence of Microsoft’s Online ID integration. An out-of-box-experience (OOBE) dialog screen details the Windows account options setup screen that allows Windows 8 users to link their Online ID to the computer or simply create a local account.

The dialog box details the following:

  • [*:3mk0sdz7]Personalized settings for Windows
    [*:3mk0sdz7]Personalized experiences for your programs
    [*:3mk0sdz7]Automatic sign-in to your websites and programs
    [*:3mk0sdz7]Easy online password recovery if you forget it

Microsoft is understood to be creating the ability to sync Windows settings into the cloud. The software giant will allow desktop wallpapers, language profiles, applications settings and more to sync to the cloud. Interestingly, the leaked screenshot does not reference Windows Live specifically so it’s possible that Microsoft may open the technology to third-party Cloud services such as Dropbox. This is pure speculation at this stage though.

Microsoft is currently working on various Windows 8 features and is expected to deliver an early copy to developers at its Windows Developer Conference (WDC) in September.


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