Windows 8 to receive updates like iOS and Android, Windows Blue to be the first?


Recent rumours have been suggesting that Microsoft is already working on the next version of Windows, Windows 9, which has also been rumoured to be codenamed Windows Blue. New reports have surfaced suggesting that Windows Blue is just an update for Windows 8, which is expected to launch next year.

Mary Jo Foley seems to think that Windows Blue is just an interim update for Windows 8 which is expected to launch next year, it isn't clear what the update will include.

"I'm not clear if Blue is simply what we in the Windows world typically call a service pack, which is a rollup of fixes and updates. Or maybe Blue is more of a feature pack, which would/could include be a rollup of fixes plus some new features." Mary Jo Foley stated.

So does this mean Microsoft is planning to move away from the 3 year cycle of "big" Windows releases? It's a smart way to go if you're planning to launch tablet software, imagine having to pay for updates on your iPad. It would't happen.

I'm sure more information regarding Windows Blue will be released (or leaked) in good time, but for now information about this mysterious update/OS is still pretty scarce.

Source: ZDNet