Windows Phone 8 to get screenshot feature?


Taking a screenshot of your smartphone screen images, whether it is an app, game, or menu screen, is something that iPhone, iPad and most Android devices enjoy. For some reason, this feature has not been a native part of Windows Phone devices. That could change with the launch of Windows Phone 8 later this year.

Chinese language site WPDang reports, via unnamed sources, that official screenshot support will be included in Windows Phone 8. The feature will reportedly work by pressing the Windows key and camera button together. Once that happens, the screenshot image will be saved and can be accessed via the Photo hub of your Windows Phone 8 device.

A feature as simple as screenshot support would seem to be a no-brainer for Windows Phone 8 at this stage, and it certainly would be welcomed by owners of those products. Officially, Microsoft has yet to confirm or deny that they will be adding this feature to their mobile phone OS. The company did not list screenshot support as a feature when they formally introduced Windows Phone 8 a month ago.

Of course, this might also mean that current Windows Phone 7.5 users could miss out on yet another new feature added for Windows Phone 8, since those devices won't be able to upgrade to WP8.



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I'll be honest, outside of being able to preserve a picture of a game score to prove to others, I have yet to really see the need for screenshots. I've seen a few times in which they were helpful with people trying to diagnose a problem online, but for what else is this feature critical?

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